“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” original 1949 movie portrayal is best when roles are reversed

baby it's cold outside neptune's daughter

Written five years earlier by Frank Loesser, Baby, It’s Cold Outside made it’s film debut in 1949 in Neptune’s Daughter. The Oscars that year would award the musical number with Best Original Song.

In the film, the song is performed twice. The first time, sung by Ricardo Montalban and Esther Williams, is pretty much what you would expect. But it’s the second version, between Betty Garrett and Red Skelton, that’s particularly interesting because the roles are reversed.

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It’s Time to Admit We Need a New Space Opera

On American Idol, whenever a contestant sings a song like Last Dance, it is usually prophetic — he’s going home. So it’s no surprise that the last installment of the Star Wars franchise is subtitled, The Last Jedi. It’s time to wrap this thing up, too.

We’ve suffered through Ewoks, stilted dialogue, hammy acting, and Jar-Jar Binks. From a mile-high view, the story is tragic, dreadful, and even involves the slaughter of dozens of children. The religious cults of Jedi and Sith battle each other mercilessly, with the “light” side, time and again, failing to convince its pupils not to go “dark.” Yet we sell stuffed Chewie toys in the preschool aisle.


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